24 by 24

A list of things I want to achieve before we leave here and before I turn the big 24! I'm really hoping I can cross off more than half of this list but we'll see. I see this list as a, what will I be doing a few years from now, and will I be happy with what I've accomplished. Here are a few, I challenge you to make a list and cross as much off as you can! Where do you see yourself?:

- Read 50 different books/manga. (40 down)
- Travel to 20 different countries. (4 countries)
- Go to a themed Cafe
- Travel to Japan
- Take a yoga class
- Go to a Comic Con  Tickets bought for London Comic Con 2015!
- Teach Sicily to count  She is counting to 2 at 18 months! 2015
- Take a French cooking class
- Be able to speak full German
- Take a train somewhere - Paris 2014
- Visit 8 castles
- Make 4 new friends  2014
- Have 5 pen pals and exchange packages (3 penpals)
- Teach Sic how to walk  Overcoming clubfoot one step at a time 2014
-  Do a Color Run
- Get to my weight goal - 20 lbs down, 20 to go.
- Try 5 foods I'd never normally dream of trying
- Have our whole house organized and feel like home - half way there.
- Visit over 10 different Christmas Markets (4 down)
- Meet a bloggers
- Get a tattoo in another country.
- Cook a whole thanksgiving by myself + invite friends over  Nov 27. 2014
- Host an out of this world Halloween party  Oct 31. 2014
- Buy a film camera  Mar. 2014


  1. Love this list! Such a great idea. And are you still looking for pen pals? I love new friends- and mail! :)