Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

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I've been on a blogging hiatus, and it was definitely a much needed one. Living overseas in a new place, with no real support system except my husband and when I Skype my family it's overwhelming dealing with all the punches we've gotten since we got here, but..I've made it through it, with mostly a smile on my face and I'm damn proud to say that I'm still not letting these things get me down, staying positive and I'm moving forward. Between meeting some of the most toxic wives (which, I'm convinced, this base is the worst and I've met some of the worst people but I've also made THE best of friends), Sicily's surgeries and appointments for her clubfeet, which I must add is completely exhausting and quite frankly, I've been tired of people making it seem as if this is so easy, it's not. I may make it seem like sunshine and rainbows because who wants to be a downer all the time? Between me finding out I have RA and trying to change my lifestyle around it and just all around being away from family, my own family was what I needed to focus on most, so blogging took the backseat for a little while. I'm happy to say I'm back and in full swing. 

Now, stay hungry, stay foolish. You may be sitting here wondering what that means and why would you want to stay hungry or even foolish? Well, I mean, obviously you don't but in this way you would want to. Stay hungry, means to stay hungry to learn new things, to explore, to continue to grow as a person and never stop. Stay hungry for the good times and bad times in life, try everything; to find out what life is. Stay foolish means to never close your mind to things in life, keep an open mind, thirst for knowledge in life - about different cultures, current events, just be completely open to things you may not have been comfortable with before. That is what stay hungry, stay foolish means to me and you know what? That will be my motto while I'm here.

There may be people here who ignore the opportunities they have by being given this chance to be overseas but not me. I'm going to explore, I'm going to make friends and not be afraid anymore because of bad experiences with toxic people, I'm going to roll with the good and the bad, I'm going to make mistakes and laugh about them later, I'm going to help Sicily rise above her clubfeet everyday, I'm going to be the wife my husband fell in love with, always and not let my RA take control of my life even when I'm having a flare up. I'm going to eat my way across Europe, I'm going to cry and be annoying know why? Because I've realized how short time is, how fleeting friends and people are, and how important a positive attitude and how much I am living a dream many people would kill for with the best husband and my child. It's time to continue to grow, be a foodie and an adventurer!

There are so many things to learn while here in Germany, and heck, throughout Europe. I'm ready to come to you with awesome recipes, whether they fail or out of this world delicious - I'm bringing back the travel blogging, and things I've come to love and dislike in Germany; you are all in for a treat. I'm going on a mommy and baby trip with some awesome ladies who I'm so thankful to have say I get to go on this adventure with to Florence, Italy. I'll be posting how we booked, what sites, what we saw and what we ate. Be here or be square!

I'm back and back for good!

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